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  • Skye Mo'ipulelehua Kahoali'i

    Skye Mo'ipulelehua Kahoali'i

    Me: Ma'am/Ms./Auntie. Brother: Sir/Dad/Uncle What should WE be? Writes erotica and poetry. Freelance editor. Surfs, and shoots USPSA.

  • Laura Jedeed

    Laura Jedeed

    Writer, videographer, journalist with opinions. Come, let us walk into the apocalypse together. She/Hers. I’m on Twitter: @LauraJedeed

  • Andrew Tanner

    Andrew Tanner

    Author, rogue systems analyst. True Neutral autistic pro-science anti-authoritarian rural cat fanatic, he/him/they, married. West Coast = Only Coast :)

  • Reorientations


    Reorientations is a blog by the staff of People-Oriented Cities. Each post provides a novel idea for “reorienting” cities away from cars and towards people.

  • Marcus Nelson

    Marcus Nelson

    🇭🇹🇺🇸 UF Alum ’21 | Law Applicant | Passion for Cities, Transit, & change | Find me anywhere @marcuscnelson (he/him)

  • Joaquín Beltrán

    Joaquín Beltrán

    Creator of Speak Up America and Author of

  • Alexander Yamron

    Alexander Yamron

  • Eugenio De Lucchi

    Eugenio De Lucchi

    Eugenio is typing…

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