Who is Serenity Rune?

Joseph Lambert
6 min readMay 6, 2022


Profile image of Serenity Rune.

Serenity Rune is a fictional character in The Sims series that appears in both The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 as a rock musician. She is the daughter of orchestral musician Steven Rune and political scientist Celia Avon, who is employed in both the journalist and scientist careers.

Serenity’s father Steven was a Russian immigrant who moved to Sunset Valley shortly before the democratic revolutions that ended the Cold War. He had been composing music ever since the age of 10, when he was still in his native Russia, and his parents died during the country’s economic crisis. Upon moving to Sunset Valley, Steven spoke very little English, and began taking numerous English second language classes before graduating from college. Celia Avon was born two South African parents who moved to Sunset Valley during its foundation to escape the country’s Apartheid regime.

Celia and Steven married each other three years before their child Serenity was born. Celia never changed her last name, but Steven changed his to Rune to match the stage name he adopted while performing orchestral music during his tenure in college. The three lived in with Celia’s parents until they moved out when Serenity began kindergarten.

Serenity listened to classical music throughout her entire childhood and received extremely good grades while she was in elementary school. Upon her arrival into middle school, she began meeting classmate John Rogers, who became her best friend several months after they first met in English class. Things started to turn bad for Serenity when she met three boys that liked heavy metal music in her classes and hanged out with them after school twice a week. The amount of time she had to complete her homework was limited as a result, and she graduated from middle school with average grades. Upon seeing her report card, Steven grounded Serenity for the entire summer vacation, preventing her from seeing her friends. During this time, she decided to cut off her long blonde hair all by herself and bleached it. The end result was a platinum blonde shaggy hairstyle that featured a bang that completely covered her left eye, a hairstyle that she would maintain for most of her adult life. This marked the completion of her transition to a metal lover.

In high school, Serenity tried several part time jobs at a supermarket and a day spa while going into romantic relationships with the three boys she met in middle school. After hearing the bad news that Serenity failed a midterm exam, Steven decided to fire her from her part time jobs and put her into a rigorous after school study program. This move paid off, as she was able to improve her overall grades and secure her last part time job as a clerk at a bookstore near the school. Serenity also received one of her father’s old guitars as a present for finishing the program at the top of the class among the students who participated. She would eventually graduate from high school at the age of 18 with above average grades, and decided to skip university to focus on performing metal music.

Serenity began working at the Wilsonoff Community Theatre as a musician of the theatre’s house band three months after she graduated. During her time as a member of the house band, she was responsible for performing on a late night television show that was taped at the theatre. She received fan mail from John Rogers, who was working as a businessman at a tower that was owned by his father, Carson. John then began attending the late night program more often, causing Serenity to begin dating with him. All three of the romantic relationships she had with the boys she met in middle school came to a grinding halt. Upon reaching level 6 of the music career, she decided to continue her pursuit of becoming Sunset Valley’s ultimate rock star and separated from her parents to live with John. Serenity founded her own metal band that included her as the lead vocalist and guitarist, and opted to play her concerts primarily at Llama Memorial Stadium. Both Serenity and John fell in love with each other rapidly, causing John to propose to Serenity, who kindly accepted without hesitation. Serenity and John would marry each other in a wedding attended by the parents of both of their families that was held on the town’s beach. Both of them would hold off on having children due to John’s pursuit towards becoming the sole owner of Carson’s interests.

Once John Rogers bought all the properties from his father, Serenity decided to purchase a SimBot named Gus, who would take care of the house when both of them were at work. Gus wanted to be an architectural designer, but opted for firefighting instead because of his steel composition making him resistant to fire. Serenity became pregnant with her first child after an earthquake rocked Sunset Valley, which resulted in no deaths thanks to the heroic efforts of Gus. Serenity continued to perform in concerts at Llama Memorial Stadium throughout her pregnancy until she went into labor during a concert and was rushed to the city’s hospital. This is where she gave birth to her first child, a girl named Shiloh Rune-Rogers. Gus took care of Shiloh while she was a baby and then a toddler, but continued to work as a firefighter when it was necessary. During the final days of Shiloh’s period as a toddler, Serenity would become pregnant with her second child, who would eventually be a girl named Ariana Rune-Rogers. Serenity chose to give her second child that name due to her temptation to watch rocket launches involving the Ariane 5.

Gus was destroyed during a transmutation accident shortly after Ariana became a toddler, which prompted Serenity to begin looking for a permanent luxury residence. She found help when Jennifer Rogers, John’s sister, sold all her festival tickets on the Internet since she was not interested in redeeming them. The total value of the tickets turned out to be over 1 million simoleons, enabling Jennifer and her son Jonathan to temporarily merge with Serenity’s household. They would purchase the luxury house immediately afterwards, making Serenity the richest girl in Sunset Valley. The two-floor house contained four master bedrooms, two master bathrooms, a catering hall able to accommodate 40 people, and an outdoor pool with a bar. Jennifer and her son Jonathan moved out of the household when Shiloh was in the middle of elementary school.

Shortly before Shiloh graduated from elementary school, Serenity became pregnant with twins. She would give birth to the twins, named Sabrina and Ashley, upon completion of Ariana’s last week of preschool. With Shiloh now entering middle school, she took on the responsibility of becoming the caregiver of the twins when John and Serenity were not home. Shiloh would continue to be a care giver of the twins until she graduated from high school when Ariana was a teenager, after which she went on to become a doctor at the town’s hospital. Ariana continued pursuing chess as a major hobby from her days in elementary school, and was working to become a chess grandmaster based on her knowledge. Halfway through Ariana’s tenure in high school, the twins Sabrina and Ashley became teenagers, with Sabrina deciding to prepare to become an architectural teacher, and Ashley deciding to follow in Serenity’s footsteps as a rock musician. Ashley would adopt the same hairstyle that Serenity had, except that she dyed it blue shortly afterwards.

Serenity would teach both Shiloh and Ashley to play the guitar upon Ashley’s entry into high school, as she thought that they would be amazing supporting musicians for Serenity’s backing band. She continued to perform regularly at concerts until she became an elder herself, after which she reduced her schedule to one concert per week. Shortly before Ariana graduated from high school, Serenity announced that she had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and would be forced to retire from the music business earlier than planned. She shaved off her hair in order to begin chemotherapy, which was not able to slow the cancer’s growth as it had spread to the rest of her body. Faced with the grim prognosis, Serenity was forced to move into a retirement home in Sunset Valley, where she would remain for the last weeks of her life. Serenity died in her sleep at the retirement home, and she was survived by her four children, as well as her husband John, all of which moved to a rural area outside of Sunset Valley where they remained until John died from old age. She would be buried at the Pleasant Rest Graveyard in Sunset Valley with her two parents.